Leather History

Up until the the mid to late 1950’s there were very few gay bars, let alone leather bars since being gay was still considered a crime. Leather men were a minority and had little outlet for their interests. 

Motorcycle clubs like the LA Saytrs formed and started”leather runs” to promote togetherness with clubs in nearby cities. As more clubs formed, members traveled all across the country for leather runs.

Around 1958, Chuck Renslow opens one of the first known Leather bars and later goes on to create International Mr. Leather. This paved the way for leather bars to open in many different cities.

Blue Max Cycle Club was founded in 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri focusing on charitable work and building relationships in the leather community. The club was one of the first to admit women members.

In 1976, Blue Max joins 26 other clubs under what is now known as Mid-Atlantic Conference of Clubs (MACC) which spans the Midwest region of the u.s. each year various clubs host leather runs to reconnect and make new friendships.

Blue Max continues to be very active in the community with monthly club nights at JJ’s Clubhouse, fetish nights on the first Thursday of every month, and hosting leather runs. Every year we also make donations to various charities.